Innovative Marine container plug provides insight and improved safety

With an integrated inspection window it becomes easier, faster, and cheaper to check reefer container plugs. Now you can immediately check for incorrectly connected cables and ingress of water without taking the plug apart.

Handling of reefer containers in port often takes place under harsh conditions and tight deadlines. When power is to be connected, the inspection of the connectors can become rushed which entails a safety risk and a possibility of the contents being damaged during transport, which can cost the customer as well as the shipping company dearly.

There have been fully transparent connectors on the market, but they are not as stable and robust in harsh environments as the traditional versions. However, a new type of plug from Hans Følsgaard A/S offers a compromise: the HF Marine Container Plug has an inspection window that does not affect the item's physical strength under load.

Increased marine safety in busy environments

When technical partner Hans Følsgaard A/S from Køge, Denmark collaborates with international shipping companies to develop new products, the aim is always to improve marine security in ports and on-board ships. This also applies to the HF Marine Container Plug, which is under patent processing.

The reefer container must go through a regular Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI) to ensure that there are no errors on the reefer container. Having an inspection window on the plug will allow for a full internal visual inspection of the plug and connections, without the need for fully dismantling and reassembly of the plug. This will reduce the premature ware on the insert locking mechanism during PTI. The window will not only reduce this, but it will also help to speed up the PTI visual inspection process, ensuring the ongoing safety and quality of the reefer equipment.

At the same time, the user must confirm that there is no water in the housing, which is a safety risk when the plug is connected to the power source. The new plug takes both factors into account.

The alternative is time-consuming and expensive

Thanks to a built-in inspection window, users can check the connector in an instant and only need to spend time replacing defective items or draining them of water if water has penetrated. So far this has required a time-consuming process “Turn the plug around and see if any water comes out”.

The small inspection window is moulded together with the housing of the plug, and since it is so small, it does not compromise the structural strength. A fully transparent connector with the same strength would be unrealistically expensive in material costs, since millions of connectors are used every day, and they typically only have a lifespan of a few years.

Keeping improved marine safety in focus

"For us, it is crucial to use technological innovation to strengthen security on ships and in ports. Even though we only change a few square centimetres of the housing, the new plug is a good example of how a small innovation can be of great importance to many people across borders," says Lei Zhang, Head of Container, Head of Tech & Sourcing, Hans Følsgaard A/S.


For further information about the new HF Marine Container Plug contact Vinni Mortensen, Key Account Manager, Hans Følsgaard A/S at or +45 43 20 86 36.


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