Our specialists realise the full potential of sustainable energy 

The world has embarked on a far-reaching green transition, which is creating global demand for technology and technical know-how. We deliver the best practical solutions by identifying, designing, realising and integrating all potential opportunities. We have roots in Denmark, which has a global position of strength in the green transition and among the world’s most ambitious climate goals. This gives us a strong foundation, combined with our extensive experience and collaboration with the world’s leading companies and manufacturers in the green energy industry. Through us, customers have one single point of contact with a holistic view of all possibilities – whether the ideal solution is customised or standardised.

"The most important aspects of our work are understanding the customer's needs. Understand why it has arisen and contribute with the absolute best technical solution."


Technical Manager



Følsgaard is the specialist in customised manufacturing and service concepts in the field of sustainable energy


We give customers more muscle and flexibility

We create value for customers through innovative solutions and products of high quality, combined with an ability to perform any task in an agile, cost-efficient way. We monitor market trends constantly and know which solutions are available to meet our customers’ needs in the simplest, most reliable and most sustainable way. Our position in the market and AAA rating gives us purchasing power and the opportunity to develop unique, scalable solutions. At the same time, our specialists comply with all international standards and possess extensive product knowledge of the vital elements in the production and distribution of wind and solar energy.

A partner that gives you peace of mind

We view collaboration with the customer as a partnership, one in which our task is to achieve common goals and the specific success criteria in each project. This is why we deliver more than just an end product. We offer a back office that sees tasks all the way to completion. We offer strong global experience and competent employees with APQP4W certification. And we give customers extra reassurance through our solid partnerships with leading European manufacturers and suppliers. We also support customers by bringing in our own specialists in the field of energy infrastructure as required.

Technology to do it all, from transformer to grid

Technology and electricity have been our watchwords for one hundred years. We are now translating this experience into specialist technical knowledge to perform any task, wherever in the world the customer might be. Because this industry is a global business with local needs, we offer a global network of specialists and engineers. They have a focus on customer and application-specific solutions to integrate the technology of the future. We also take care of the whole process from the design phase, development of tools, and production launch to management of storage facilities and global logistical solutions.

Infrastructure of your wind and solar farm

There is a lot at stake in such large projects and it can be an expensive and risky affair if you compromise on the solution.

We can deliver the entire infrastructure – cables, plants, relays, transformers, engineering, etc. – so that everything fits together perfectly and the very best solution is achieved.

We have extensive experience, which we are happy to share, so please contact us for a non-committal chat.


Peter Oppelstrup
Head of Greentech


T: +45 8788 7733