Technical solutions of tomorrow


Since 1922, Følsgaard has developed and adapted to the market and is today a well-established global tech company that delivers high-tech, customer-specific solutions and own brands to industrial companies and customers within the infrastructure – all over the world.

Our products and solutions are often part of the green transition, either as sub-components or as total solutions, developed specifically to solve specific problems for our customers. We make our living by advising, developing and seeing the potential in solutions for our customers' business. Our many years of experience and close relationships have given us extensive technical knowledge, product expertise and a global network, which we make available and can draw on when choosing the right solution. This enables us to solve complex problems in all industries – in a short time.

We have always based our business on foresight and decency. It has helped us develop in step with our surroundings. With more than 100 years of experience, we know how important it is to constantly explore new opportunities, be curious and energetic.

We have reached 110 employees globally and are represented in 6 countries. Our Danish offices are located in Køge and Ry, and we have offices in Germany, Sweden, Norway, China and India.

Our ambition is to develop the best and most sustainable solutions for our customers, always with TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in mind. Our solutions must develop our customers' businesses in an efficient, modern and green direction.

Our products have a daily impact on many people's lives. The technological infrastructure Følsgaard is a part of powers your and my life – every single day.


DKK 932 mill.

Total revenues 2022/2023

110 employees

74 male - 36 female


7 locations

Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, China, India



10% Følsgaard Foundation

Being the actual owner Addtech AB holds the position of the chairman of the board. The Følsgaard Foundation has a seat on the board supporting the company’s day to day management in the adopted strategies.
A shareholder agreement between the 2 owners help sustain the original intentions of the former majority shareholder; viz The Følsgaard Foundation. The most important being: 

  • Ensure social development of the employees *)
    Support the original Følsgaard family through scholarships
    Protection against unwanted foreign takeovers
    Dilution protection

90% Addtech

Addtech is a Swedish publicly listed technical solutions group.  
The business comprises about 140 independent companies selling high-tech products and solutions to cus-tomers primarily in the manufacturing and infrastructure sectors in approx. 20 countries. Addtech creates optimal conditions for the profitability and growth of our companies. Common denominators are strong posi-tions in select, well-defined niches with highly skilled, technical knowledge.

Companies within Addtech are operated under their own brands and are free to run and develop their own operations, as long as they deliver on our Group-wide targets. Addtech sets three basic requirements for all companies in the Group: 

Profit growth > 15%,  Profitability P/WC > 45%, and Sustainable development.