Working at Følsgaard


Frederik Wyard Næsdal

Sales Support

“I am 21 and have been with the company for 3.5 years.
I started in 2016 as a warehouse employee and then got a job in the office. Starting as a young and ambitious person, you instantly feel at home. You get challenged and learn something new every day. As a brand new and young employee, you are extremely well received from the get-go, and everyone welcomes you with open arms.

Our sales support team consists of five people with a wide range of skills. It is a place with great dynamic and collaboration, and you get professional challenges every day. I have developed my personal and professional skills with the help of all my supportive and competent colleagues.
Every morning, I look forward to new, exciting challenges and am ready to go the extra mile to achieve the company's goals.”

Bonnie Bindslev Dyhr

Accounts payable

“I was offered my current job in the autumn of 2015. At first, I was very unsure if I could live up to the responsibilities and tasks I was offered, but thankfully I accepted and went for it. And what a welcome! I received excellent and thorough training before gradually gaining more and more responsibilities.

It is a job where you always have to keep focus as the area is constantly developing.

I love entertaining people. This is manifested at our annual “Children's Christmas” for all the employees, where I act as Mrs. Claus who brings presents to the children. It is a very festive event. There are singing and dancing. And everyone is greeted with a smile. It feels great to be able to give my colleagues and their children this experience.



Tommy Svanor

Account Manager, Norway

“I started in March 2013 as account manager for cable management. I was given a heartfelt welcome by my colleagues. I had to go through a steep learning curve, but I got good help and feedback along the way. Over the years, I have gotten to know a lot of good customers. Across teams in Følsgaard, you constantly learn about new products, and you acquire more expertise that you can share with both colleagues and customers – and even suppliers.
Now, after some years of experience and learning, I have developed knowledge of more products and work with a wider range of customers than in the past. I look forward to being part of Følsgaard for many years to come. I am a family person, and love to spend my spare time with my loved ones.

One of my great hobbies is cycling. Together with good friends, I go on trips on the road and in the forest. ”

Heike Kaiser-Jäger

Country Manager DACH

“In 2021, I joined Hans Følsgaard and took up the challenge of running the DACH region within the field of passive telecommunications infrastructure products. In the meantime, the team has grown by 3 people and we have already made a name for ourselves in Germany with compelling high-quality products.
Having worked for big companies, it was the best decision for me to continue my career here where it was possible to make a big difference and quickly achieve success. I work in a fantastic team with exciting tasks in a growing market with great potential. What more could one want?

Of course, I also need to take time off work. In my spare time, I enjoy going on cycling trips with senior citizens of the association “Cycling without age” which now exists all over the world. Cycling without age stands up for the right to get wind in the hair. It is a great pleasure to bring a twinkle in the eyes of elderly or disabled people through fun and exercise. ”

Steen Løkke

Tecnical Manager Cables 

“I started in 2013 in the cables and accessories division after working for several of Europe's leading cable manufacturers for many years. It has been an amazing time, and the world around us – and also Følsgaard – has experienced rapid development at an ever-increasing pace.

I am excited to be part of a team of competent colleagues and a company with room for differences. There is always a smile on people’s faces and we help our customers with their challenges, whether large or small, and every morning, I look forward to new exciting challenges in collaboration with our customers.

I spend my spare time on my passion for old motorcycles. It is a natural extension of the daily “geekiness” in the office, but with focus on mechanics. You can spend many years trying to get a vehicle on the street and it offers many hours of challenges in the workshop and great joy when you finally succeed. Fortunately, there are always like-minded people nearby with whom you can share the excitement. ”