Our solutions are an important element of the energy supply of the future

A stable, secure energy supply is important in a modern society, where vital functions and data centres are vulnerable to any failure in the energy supply for shorter or longer periods. We have our roots in Denmark, which has a high level of electricity supply security in an international context – we believe we can take some of the credit for that. Together with our customers, we are behind a large number of upgrades and extensions that secure a robust backbone to the energy infrastructure, locally, regionally and globally. Customers choose us because we can always adapt the solution to their specific challenges and needs.

"It's thirty-two thousand times more potent than CO2... So wherever we can avoid it, for goodness sake, let's avoid it... In Hans Følsgaard, we just chose to say no thanks! We will not sell anything with SF6 gas in it."


Product Manager


Følsgaard is the simple partner for complex challenges in energy supply

We think about competences and products in new ways

The common denominator for our customers is the need for innovation. Upgrading an ageing electricity grid requires an innovative approach. The same is true, for example, when installing transformers weighing several tonnes in challenging locations. We combine creative, practical engineering expertise with the freedom to hand-pick and combine the best products from the best suppliers. If the most beneficial solution doesn’t exist, we design and develop it in collaboration with the customer.

A partner that makes work easier for you

We view collaboration with the customer as a partnership, one in which our task is to achieve common goals and the specific success criteria in each project. This is why we supply more than just one a product – we provide expertise and experience specifically from the energy and infrastructure sector. We can also bring in, for example, in-house specialists in the wind turbine industry and the sustainable energy sector in general. In a nutshell, we are the simple solution to complex challenges.

Reliability and safety are a question of technology 

Customers can always rely on our professionalism and competence, because we are technical specialists. Technology is ingrained in our DNA, and we’re not just thinking of our century of experience and know-how of electrical systems. It’s about the technique of advising and guiding customers throughout the course of a project, from beginning to end. The technique of choosing the right suppliers and the most secure source of raw materials. And not least, the technique of understanding that the components in a modern supply network must be reliable, economic and energy-efficient. 


Request a quote for a TRANSFORMER SOLUTION

Request a quote for a TRANSFORMER SOLUTION

In a world where precision and efficiency are the keys to success, we understand the importance of finding the perfect transformer for your project. That's why we have created a form to ensure you receive the most accurate quote from us.

Fill out the form with the necessary details about your needs and requirements so we can propose the most optimal and tailored solution.


Drone puts reflectors on power lines to prevent swan death

Energinet has installed the first of a total of approx. 150 reflectors on high-voltage power lines at Dybsø Fjord. They are meant to prevent swans from flying into the wires and dying or being badly injured.



Kristian Førby Pedersen
Product Manager


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