We would like to inform you about our approach to, and obligation to use alphanumeric codes as defined in decision 97/129/EC to identify packaging materials for B2B and B2C (Dlgs 3/09/2020).
This EU directive is still voluntary in the overall European market, but Følsgaard have decided to make this legislation mandatory in any possible matter. 

Benefits of the marking 
The recycling code gives information about easy identification and correct recycling of the packaging material. We support this overall sustainability by enabling proper recycling of the packaging material.

Which packaging material needs to be marked  
All packaging materials which can be separated manually needs to be marked with the alphanumeric codes. You can find some examples of our solutions in this document. 

Packaging material in use: 
We use the following types of material related to our shipments from Følsgaard A/S to customers

Corrugated cardboard (PAP # 20)  
Our cardboard boxes are made by 70% recycled material and 30% FSC certified wood (fibers). New box design in process, marking as part of new design.   

Filling material in hardboard boxes (Paper – PAP # 22) 
Our filling material in Cardboard boxes, is made by 100% reused Cardboard boxes. Our machine enabling us to shred Corrugated cardboards from our suppliers and reuse it as new filling material in our shipments. We also collect all used paper filling material from suppliers (if usable) and reuse it in our shipments, a small amount of not needed cardboard boxes are at present collected and send to recycling by specialized company. We have more corrugated cardboards to shred than we need for our own shipments. We are seeking for agreements with our neighbor companies to receive our left-over material in shredded condition

Wrap for goods protection on pallets.  
Our wrap is made by 65% recycled material, 25 % Production “cut off” from production and 10% new plastic material. (No specific identification no. in directive).

Glue in cardboard boxes. 
Glue used for closing our cardboard boxes, is made by extract from potatoes.

Pallets for shipment. 
Pallets are based on FSC certified wood, they are all heat treaded according to ISPM 15 (Stamped)

Our tape is made by 100% recycled paper material, glue made by potatoes. Perfect for easy recycling of cardboard boxes, no time consumptions in removing plastic-based tape.

Printing on shipping material.
All prints are based on nature identical substances and without any negative impact on nature.