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Følsgaard is an international engineering company offering high-tech products and solutions for industrial companies and infrastructure customers. We are on a journey in a rapidly changing world where ideas, innovation and shared responsibility drive our business forward. If you are ready to share your time, thoughts and talent with us on the journey towards success, we will welcome you on board. We do not discriminate on gender, race, ethnicity, age, religious or sexual orientation. Our culture is built on respect and understanding.


Følsgaard has more than 100 employees across our offices in Denmark (Køge and Ry), Germany, Norway, Sweden, China and India. We have a perfect mix of employees with very high and low seniority (30% of our staff have been employed for less than 2 years – and some employees have 20, 30 and 40 years of seniority). The combination of vast experience and fresh perspectives becomes clear when we deliver results together.

At Følsgaard, we have long since realised that joint efforts, creativity and trust in each other will take us much further than the sum of the individuals. The idea box is always open and the future is full of opportunities. Regardless of your job title and seniority, you can have your say at Følsgaard. Generating good ideas requires a culture where everyone is confident to speak up when they get a good idea. We believe in shared ownership as the path to success.


The health and well-being of our colleagues are very important. We provide free health insurance, eye examinations, massages and coaching, etc. At Følsgaard, we look out for each other to make sure everyone is doing well.
Our staff association, with additional support from the Følsgaard Foundation, subsidises activities that promote the well-being of our employees. Følsgaard offers many different activities and events for employees and their families, including

  • Company outings with partners
  • Family Christmas
  • Massage
  • Football
  • Theatre and cinema trips
  • Sauna and winter bathing

In addition to the activities offered by the staff association, our employees are very good at organising things together on their own initiative. It is not uncommon to receive an email inviting you to yoga, exercise day, DHL relay race, football shirt day or offering discount benefits and much more. It just shows how much we care for each other at Følsgaard.


We want to capitalise on the full potential of our people. Training and competency development will ensure that Følsgaard's employees are qualified technical partners. We focus on commercial, technical and personal skills.

As a technical partner, we advise our customers on technical solutions and therefore we have a professional responsibility to update the knowledge of our employees. 

Fun Facts

100% WEEK

At Følsgaard, we are good at celebrating our successes. Often with cake. We call it a 100% week when we have had cake every day for a week. 


Every Friday, we get together and wish each other a good weekend.


Sauna events, yoga, DHL relay race, company football, etc. 
We often challenge each other – even after working hours. 


When we win a big order – and that means cake. (The bell is a gift from a supplier for our 100th anniversary)


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