What can we do for you?


As a Technical Partner, it is important to us that our solutions are the right ones and that they work optimally for our customers. This is why our involvement may not start and stop where you are used to. We are used to tackling complex technical issues and have the resources to help you succeed.

Customer specific solutions

The combination of a strong global supplier network and an in-house development department allows you to get precisely the customised solution that best suits your business. We employ a wide range of engineers and professionals to recognise opportunities in our customers' setups while innovating and combining the right products. 

Innovation Lab

If you are facing a challenge that may not be fully delineated or defined, our Innovation Lab will be happy to help you.
Innovation Lab is a group of creative and technically skilled employees specializing in innovation.

Technical Advice and Sparring

Our experts have technical backgrounds, industry insights and multible years of knowhow in their field - so, in your daily contact with us, you will always have access to experience-based, and detailed technical advice that strengthens your choices and improves your performance.

You always have all aspects clarified on site by drawing on our technical support across the in-house professional groups, e.g. during commissioning, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting and repair. Thus, we ensure you have all the benefits of a local supplier with competent technical knowledge - straightforward and faster for you.


Hans Følsgaard has extensive experience with consolidation. In short, it is about reducing the number of suppliers and thereby achieving several derived benefits.

Cost savings 

Consolidation can result in a strengthened negotiating position with lower prices and favorable terms. In addition, reducing the number of suppliers can streamline procurement processes and reduce administrative costs associated with managing multiple supplier relationships. It also enables the company to focus its efforts on building strategic partnerships rather than spreading resources thinly across numerous suppliers.

Reducing complexity of your supply chain

Consolidating suppliers simplifies the supply chain by reducing the complexity of managing multiple suppliers, logistics and inventory. This leads to reduced delivery times, increased security of supply and efficiency in the supply chain. It can also reduce the risks associated with supply chain disruptions, as the company can better monitor and manage fewer suppliers.

By working closely with a smaller number of strategic suppliers, a company can foster innovation and collaboration. Suppliers can become trusted partners, offering valuable input, ideas and expertise to help the company develop new products or services, improve existing ones or explore new markets.

Hans Følsgaard has technical and engineering resources in the consolidation team. We handle drawings and revisions. We have in-house APQP specialists to help where needed. Our professional procurement team handles logistical challenges.

Hans Følsgaard is your technical partner on consolidation.

Testing and documentation

If you opt for a composite solution, we will provide the necessary documentation. Our global supplier network and innovative approach often result in products that truly are new. Therefore, new tests and documentation will typically be needed.
We test the products and provide relevant documentation. This saves resources and you can rest assured that your products will deliver.

Project Management

At Hans Følsgaard, you can have a dedicated project management group assigned to your project. Typically for larger projects, our project management team provide several benefits:

  • A safety net for optimising the flow of goods, with hands-on detail management.
  • Close and attentive dialogue about your projects and, not least, the changes that might occur.
  • A group of people, each with strong competencies in their own field, handling your orders from order placement to delivery and additional advice on issues such as customs.
  • Continuous follow-up on all project orders.
  • Customised solutions with detailed control of e.g., cable labelling and customised lengths.
  • Customised logistics solution to shorten lead times and reduce costs and carbon footprint.

Warehousing and logistics solutions

Følsgaard sends and receives more than 23,000 parcels and pallets annually from our central warehouse. We customise your shipments and store your products so you can prioritise your core business. We offer large storage capacity and efficient and reliable warehouse management.

Customised packaging solutions

If your products require special customisation in terms of quantity, length, assembly etc., Følsgaard offers to create complex logistics solutions. We customise cables, assemble sub-components, label, pack and ship. We even book shipments with your own carrier.
We offer shipments directly from the factory to you in cases where this reduces delivery time, freight cost and CO2 emissions.
If your business is expanding into new markets, Følsgaard offers to set up local facilities to help you achieve shorter delivery times or other obvious benefits.

Buffer stock

The last few years have shown that fluctuations in demand and security of supply really do have a big impact on who gets the next big order. The extraordinary period may have you considering whether a buffer stock agreement could become a competitive parameter. If you can deliver, you already have one foot in the door and the opportunity to build strong partnerships.