Focus and Goals

As a global company doing business with 40+ countries worldwide, we not only have a great opportunity to contribute to sustainable development, but also a great responsibility.

At Følsgaard, we have the following four main goals towards 2030. Our goals and focus areas cover the entire supply chain and also have implications for the 5 Sustainable Development Goals we are working on. It is important for us, together with our partners, to both seize the opportunities for development and growth offered by the green transition, but also to analyse risks and act on the measures needed to mitigate the impact of the climate crisis.

Our priorities and targets are defined by our entire organisation, as achieving them is a shared responsibility that cannot succeed without close cooperation among with customers and suppliers. KPIs, action plans and scorecards ensure that we stay focused and on track.

2030 Vision


We aim to create sustainable business by developing and offering technical solutions that support and contribute to our customers' transformation and development.


Through an equal and climate-friendly business, we want to create an attractive and sustainable organisation.


Respect and efforts for the environment and human resources start at the company level.


Through close dialogue, strong relationships and structured follow-up, we ensure that our suppliers are socially and environmentally responsible.