Intelligent M12 Cable to Combat Downtime

The M12Plus measures input and output values, thereby offering early detection of cable issues. This paves the way for preventative replacement and reduced downtime. Experts at Hans Følsgaard A/S, sees promising potential in this unique solution.

"Downtime is costly, and if it's due to cable problems, it can take time to identify and rectify the issue," states Palle Nielsen, Product Engineer, Automation, at Hans Følsgaard A/S. "Therefore, we see potential in the unique M12Plus connector from Turck with built-in monitoring of input and output."

In short, IoT is moving into the cable itself through a built-in electronic module that measures voltage and current strength and continuously sends the values via Bluetooth® to the production system. Each cable has an individual MAC address, so a problem can quickly be located and fixed before it escalates.

Especially Suitable for Cable Chains

There are several places in the manufacturing industry where cables are exposed to extraordinary wear. This applies, for example, to the heavier industry where production takes place with roller chains or similar applications. Examples of sectors can be:

  • Automotive industry
  • Logistics sector
  • Machine and factory development
  • Robotics

The M12Plus cable can be delivered as part of the TXL series from Turck with four cores and an especially robust PU encapsulation.

The measured values are transferred to the production line's interface via 2.4 GHz BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy). The technology has a range of up to 40 meters indoors and up to 100 meters outdoors. The tight fitting of the cable also ensures an IP69K rating and high resistance against chemicals, flames, and sparks from welding processes.

High Productivity Partnership

As a dedicated Technical Partner for its customers, Hans Følsgaard is always looking for new solutions to solve customer challenges. Therefore, Product Engineer Palle Nielsen is pleased with the intelligent cable, even though it is ahead of concrete customer wishes.

"We can see the possibilities in the continuous monitoring of voltage and current in connection with early detection of cable problems, but it is a unique and completely new technology where we need to find and develop areas of application in partnership with our customers," he says, concluding: "Now we have it in our assortment and in the ongoing customer dialogue, and I am convinced that it will find its use."


For further information about the intelligent M12Plus cable from Turck: Contact Palle Nielsen, Product Engineer, Automation, at Hans Følsgaard A/S at or +45 43 20 86 35.

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