One Stop Shop System Supplier Crosses Borders

Infrastructure specialist Hans Følsgaard A/S, as a One Stop Shop system supplier, can break down barriers in high-tech applications. Now, the company is ready to cross physical borders with the export of complete data center solutions.

The Danish infrastructure specialists at Hans Følsgaard A/S, based in Køge south of Copenhagen, have initiated an ambitious plan. The company has already achieved success in the domestic market with complete system solutions for, among other things, data centers, where all cables and components are included. Therefore, the plan is to expand into new markets, and there are several good reasons for this.

"Across countries, companies face the same challenges with coordinating multiple suppliers, optimizing systems, and timely delivery of cables and components," says Lars Rydskov, Business Development Manager, Telecom, at Følsgaard. "Here, as a complete system supplier, we can offer a more efficient and direct path to succes."

Hans Følsgaard A/S supports critical infrastructure by bridging some of the world's most competent manufacturers and companies within electricity, infrastructure, and technology. Følsgaard can freely assemble and adjust complete solutions for, for example, data centers as a One Stop Shop supplier with specialists in its own organization and direct lines to the manufacturers' development departments.

Complete Data Centers from A to Z

Data centers are a central discipline at Følsgaard, and they are therefore a spearhead in the plans for expansion. In most markets, there is a large and increasing pressure on infrastructure. At the same time, data centers are becoming more complex and subject to strict requirements for limited resource use, for example, cooling.

Lars Rydskov elaborates: "This is where we come into the picture as a complete system supplier because we can assist the designing company throughout the entire process and have in-depth specialist knowledge at every step. Most organizations would benefit from partnering with us because we know the manufacturers inside and out and understand how their products optimally fit into the overall solution."

To support the argument, Lars Rydskov takes a virtual tour through a modern data center and lists the cables and components that can be included:

  • Power cables to the data center
  • Substations at the entrance
  • Diesel generators for emergency operation
  • Switchgear for medium and low voltage
  • Cooling systems
  • UPS for uninterrupted power supply
  • Batteries, climate control, and monitoring
  • Racks for servers
  • Internal cables and fiber cables

After the virtual tour, it is clear that only the walls around the data center and the servers themselves are what Hans Følsgaard does not supply. For the customer, this means that everything within cables and components is coordinated and delivered from one supplier with a reassuring system warranty and security for timely delivery. In a time of great pressure on complexity, deadlines, and resource consumption, this can become a significant competitive advantage.

The Competent Project Partnership

The desired scenario for the Telecom team at Hans Følsgaard is to be involved as early as possible in the project process. As BDM Lars Rydskov puts it: "Invite us to the table in the early phase, as it gives your own organization the greatest benefit from our close contact with the manufacturers and their development departments."

A good example is the cables that are needed. From engineering the high-voltage part, coordinating cables for medium and low voltage, to the whole network of fiber cables that will contribute to optimizing the signal paths in the data center. This area alone covers several disciplines and specialties, which can advantageously be gathered in one place.

Another example is the sizing of cooling, which in more than one sense is a hot topic in today's environmental and climate debate. Can the surrounding air be used for cooling? How are all components coordinated so the need for cooling is minimized? Again, it is an advantage to think across disciplines so that the data center becomes a chain without weak links.

"The whole security aspect is, off course, highly relevant in data centers with today's international threats, so in addition to cabling and sustainability, emergency generators and UPS technology must also be considered from the start. We are available for advice across disciplines and look forward to an exciting dialogue with project partners in new markets," concludes Lars Rydskov, Business Development Manager, Telecom, at Følsgaard.


For further information on system solutions for data centers: Contact Lars Rydskov, Business Development Manager, Telecom, Hans Følsgaard A/S at or +45 43 20 86 26.



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