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Advanced businesses need comprehensive infrastructure solutions.

As a supplier of a broad portfolio of data products, Hans Følsgaard understands the requirements of today's advanced and global companies.

The range offers innovative design features, easy installation, and reduced maintenance costs without compromising the reliability and flexibility of the network.

Our approach to data is that it should be as simple as possible to get a complete solution and we are therefore in close dialogue with customers and suppliers to ensure that the choice of components is tailored to a total solution that meets our customers' requirements.


Uncompromising security of supply is required

With growing demand for data and critical services that must maintain operations 365 days a year, the power grid that supports servers, switches, and climate control capabilities must be resilient. Unplanned downtime in a data center is business-critical and must of course be avoided.

The data center's power cables run from the energy grids all the way into the server rooms, connecting substations with MV cables for generators and transformers that go down to LV power as it enters the building to power HVAC, fire extinguishing systems and servers.
Data center operators are increasingly looking for eco-friendly, CO2-neutral solutions for the building's power-intensive requirements, so solar, wind, and naturally cool air are typically part of the data center setup.

Følsgaard has a great technical understanding of these solutions and projects. We develop and sell products that cover all electrical aspects of a data center.

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