Erik Kjörling, Key Account Manager and responsible for the delivery to the project in Börstorp, talks about Følsgaard and the company's progressive investments in Sweden.

"I started at Følsgaard in March last year and from May this year the company was united as Følsgaard across all our international offices. It is truly inspiring to take part in driving this investment in the Swedish market. Følsgaard is a one-stop shop with a complete range of all types of fiber cable, ducts and accessories. Our fiber cable brand is HFibercore™ and ducts is HFiberduct™. One of the advantages is that our producer owns the entire manufacturing process, from the raw fiber to the finished fiber cable. This gives our customers security in terms of quality and delivery."


Development at the forefront

"In terms of development, we are far ahead when it comes to fiber cable and can boast, among other things, the longest blowing length, the shortest bending radius and the first 200 µm blowing cable on the market. The latter means that you can get fit more fibers in the cable. Følsgaard has a strong focus on sustainability and works a lot with recycled material, including in the screens of our ducts. Another added value is the disposable duct drums that we developed. Ordinary disposable drums very often break already during unloading or during work. Our drums, on the other hand, are designed to last throughout the entire project and at the same time be easy to dispose of after use," says Erik Kjörling.


Large distances and rocky terrain

Finspång's City Network called Finet is a municipally owned city network in Finspång. About 65 percent of all households in the municipality are connected to their fiber network and, together with other actors, they expect to achieve 97 percent coverage in 2024. Amanda Sivertsson, project manager with Finspångs Stadsnät Finet AB describes the current fiber project in Börstorp:

"Börstorp is a large area with long distances between customers, which is often the case the further out into the countryside you go. The total stretch where we are now digging is approximately 15 kilometers long and it is very rocky and mountainous terrain, which places demands on both installation methods and equipment", says Amanda and continues:
"We have been buying fiber cable and other fiber products from Følsgaard for several years now, since they were called Gigacom, and the advantages include the high quality of the products, fast deliveries and an attractive price point. Now that they have broadened the range, it was natural for us to also buy their ducts, joints and seals. Being able to get everything from one supplier is a big advantage for us."

The contractor cares

Brorssons Entreprenad is hired by Finspångs Stadsnät Finet for the fiber installation in Börstorp.

"We mostly work with fiber digging, a lot for Finspång's Stadsnät Finet and Nyköping but also elsewhere. We have previously used fiber cable from Følsgaard and it has always worked well. They deliver on time and we always get quick answers if there are any questions. This is our first time using their duct, which looks promising.
The fact that they come with a new, more durable type of disposable drum for duct is a big advantage. The standard drums often break easily, which makes our work more time-consuming. We have been running now for a few weeks and have installed about 3 kilometers. Everything is going according to plan and we expect to finish after the holidays," says Erik Johansson, co-owner of Brorssons Entreprenad.



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