Sociedad Ibérica de Construcciones Eléctricas, S.A. (SICE) is a multinational technology integration company operating in traffic, transport, environment, energy and telecommunications sectors, as well as all types of industrial processes.  
SICE's activities are primarily focused on providing value-added services through the integration of a variety of internal and third-party technologies and systems, always with the aim of providing the best solution tailored to each customer.

Turnkey contractor ACCIONA is designing and building 23 kilometres of four-lane motorway in partnership with Norwegian state-owned Nye Veier.

The E6 between Ranheim and Værnes effectively connects the largest regional centre with its main regional hub, including the regional airport. To do this, ACCIONA has been awarded a contract worth NOK 4.3 billion to design and build the motorway, the project has a total cost of NOK 7 billion. ACCIONA is responsible for both design and construction of the 23-kilometre motorway, which includes 7.3 kilometres of tunnels, three new motorway bridges and five new two-level intersections.

As part of the upgrade of the existing tunnels, ACCIONA will build new portals and modernise the infrastructure. This will increase the capacity of the E6 from two to four lanes, significantly improving road safety and reducing the need for detours during maintenance work. Construction, which started in 2020, is scheduled for completion in 2026. Until the reopening, ACCIONA Construction will also be responsible for managing traffic and building temporary alternatives to maintain the flow of vehicles between the two key junctions.


The Ranhein - Værnes project begins

There is strong competition within the infrastructure where Acciona, SICE and Roxel operate in. With serious competition from other technology integration companies, projects are becoming more costly and complex.

When SICE chose Følsgaard as their supplier, it was the specific solution the company could provide that was decisive. No other electrical supplier was able to provide such a complete and long-term solution.

Følsgaard will deliver a complete cable package for the entire project, which will include high-quality fasteners from Panduit.

Roxel Infra AS will work together with SICE and will carry out the installation. Roxel Infra AS is a full-service engineering provider for road and tunnel projects. Roxel can supply everything from single products to complete system deliveries with a specific focus on integrated turnkey solutions. Følsgaard has worked with Roxel in the past and has always had an excellent relationship with the company.


The tendering phase

SICE began with a comprehensive project analysis to obtain a good and complete overview of products and deliveries for the Ranheim -Værnes tunnel project.

First, possible partners were identified that would be able supply the largest tunnel projects

Find a partner with the widest range of products to be installed.

Find a partner who could provide the best solution to guarantee deliveries as requested over a period of three years.

Find the supplier with the right certification, a focus on the sustainable quality of all products with class requirements.


Following the award of the tender from Acciona and SICE, Følsgaard has enjoyed a positive collaborative relationship with their partners on the project. We have worked together in a systematic and structured manner to optimise products, sustainability and delivery.


Results so far

The processes surrounding the deliveries have come a long way and in April 2023, Følsgaard will complete the second of three deliveries for this project. There can often be changes to specifications, lengths of cable and changes in types.

With this type of project, challenges frequently occur as the project progresses and the design, schedule and many other things may change along the way. We have all taken all these factors into account and we work closely together with all our partners to meet these challenges.

The feedback from our client is so far very good and we look forward to the final delivery later this year.



What can Følsgaard provide for our customers with regard to tunnels, bridges and roads?

Følsgaard supplies complete cable systems. Our tunnel range includes all types of copper, aluminium and fibre cables, in addition to cable ladders and cable fasteners.

We also supply cable for roads. Often in tunnel projects where there are roads between several tunnels. Road lighting, medium-voltage, high-voltage and fibre optic cable and all related products.

We recognise that our customers require more products in our field of expertise, so we have evolved into a technical partner that delivers complete systems and in this case it is tunnels. We have developed in this way so that we can provide cover as many related products as possible, making it easier and more cost-effective for the customer.

“By choosing us as your technical partner, you can be reassured that we will be involved in all processes from start to finish. We can provide our clients with technical expertise and profitable solutions with sustainability at the forefront.”

Steffen Bie Paulsen, General Manager - Følsgaard in Norway

“Når vi siger, at vi er din TeknikPartner, mener vi, at vi er med i processerne fra start til slut. Vi bidrager med ekspertise og rentable løsninger til kunden med bæredygtighed i højsædet”


Steffen Bie Paulsen,
Daglig leder – Følsgaard i Norge

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