From plastic waste to underground ducts

Plastic waste can be collected, processed, granulated, and reused as fiber ducts. Hans Følsgaard A/S offers an attractive alternative for companies with green ambitions.

"We already make cover plates for fiber installations in recycled materials, so why not the ducts themselves?" This is how Mikkel Steinmetz, Technical Manager at Hans Følsgaard A/S, challenged his colleagues, and it was a challenge they could not ignore. "We have worked diligently on the case and can soon offer fiber ducts in recycled materials. In popular terms, plastic packaging can get a new life, where it no longer protects food and beverages, but high-tech fiber."

The recycled plastic, which otherwise risked polluting nature, is collected, cleaned, processed, and finely granulated to be used to cast new ducts. Mikkel Steinmetz is convinced that this well-thought-out cycle will appeal to companies with a clear environmental policy, but there are also challenges that need to be addressed.

Taking everything into consideration

It is the Telecom department at Hans Følsgaard, working with fiber cables, ducts and other telecommunication products, where the company has a prominent position in the market both domestically and internationally. And it is very much aware that there is a complicated calculation underlying the use of recycled plastic.

Collection, transport, processing, granulation, and production are all important factors that need to be optimized and balanced in choosing recycled plastic over so-called virgin plastic. "Ultimately, it is the customer's ambitions and desires that decide the choice. This also applies to delivery, where we can offer reusable or disposable drums," adds Mikkel Steinmetz.

Uncompromising product features

Fiber cables must be able to be blown into the pipes at 16 bar pressure for half an hour without any issues. It must also have the promised properties regarding, for example, bending ability and long-term durability, whether it is made from recycled plastic, from re-granulate, or from virgin plastic.

"On this point, we obviously do not compromise, so the fiber ducts made from recycled plastic are thoroughly tested to meet the requirements upon deployment," says Technical Manager Mikkel Steinmetz, concluding: "Now we look forward to presenting the market with the new opportunities that align well with the green transition."


For further information about fiber ducts made from recycled materials, contact Mikkel Steinmetz, Technical Manager, Telecom, Hans Følsgaard A/S at phone +45 43 20 86 82 or

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