Følsgaard launches own series of EV charging equipment

As an important player in international technical infrastructure, Følsgaard now adds EV charging cables to the portfolio.

During 2022, the number of electric cars on Danish roads grew by 69%. And it's a growth that looks set to continue. Political initiatives and an infrastructure that is constantly developing represent an enormous potential in the market for electric vehicles and accessories. And the trend is the same across most European countries.

The rapid increase in the number of electric vehicles on the roads has given both Danish and international infrastructure growing pains. And development is rapid! Therefore, Følsgaard is now launching charging cables and portable chargers for electric vehicles.


Portable chargers are, along with the Type 2 charging cables, part of the new EV charging equipment range at Følsgaard.

Følsgaard is heavily involved in the conversion of electrical infrastructure, including wind and solar power, fiber and cabling in and above ground. Now charging equipment is being added, taking power the rest of the way to cars and other electric vehicles.

"We see the addition of charging equipment for EV as a natural extension of our existing activities tending to the transition into a more sustainable world. Development is rapid, which we certainly feel in the demand for a number of our other products. And with our significant commitment within cables in general, we already have extensive knowledge of what is important for a cable to function optimally. It is this knowledge and experience that we are now bringing into play," says Carsten Bille, Account Manager in the cable department at Følsgaard.

If you have any questions about EV charging equipment, please contact Carsten Bille on tel. +45 43 20 86 87 or cab@hf.net

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