New product completes range for medium and high voltage

Hans Følsgaard A/S can now offer a complete range within medium and high voltage. With two competent partners in couplers and terminations, the company can provide total solutions for utility companies and power producers.

“It has been a demanding process, but now we have found two partners who can deliver couplers and terminations in the quality we require and our customers expect,” says Mikkel Møller Jørgensen, Head of Cables at Hans Følsgaard A/S. “Couplers are among the most critical parts of an electrical connection and require perfect mechanical quality if the connection, as a whole, is to deliver as promised and also have a long service life.”


Hans Følsgaard A/S acts as an impartial advisor and technical partner for industrial companies and utility companies, among others. The company is one of the market's strongest in all types of cables such as fire cables, robot cables, wires and hoses for industry and much more, but with the addition of couplers and termination to the range, the company is also a turnkey supplier for medium and high voltage installations.


Advisory services and training are in place

“We make our living by advising customers, installers and fitters, which is why we take pride in being fully up to date on the technological and craftsmanship front. In this way, we can add value to our solutions and at the same time ensure that the customer has the solutions delivered, installed and implemented correctly so that they provide maximum benefit for the longest possible time,” says Mikkel Møller Jørgensen.

Secure cable connections from A to B are generally a growing area, not least because of new wind energy and solar parks that are helping accelerate the green transition. Now Hans Følsgaard has the full range of products and can contribute even more to the spread of renewable energy.


For further information, please contact Technical Manager, Steen Løkke by phone: +45 43 20 86 86 or Email:

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