Access Chambers for Tomorrow's Infrastructure 


Tough and safe - modular or standard - large or small.

In a world where digitalization and internet connections are becoming increasingly crucial to our daily lives, the need for robust data infrastructure is dramatically rising. The installation of wells is one of the keys to supporting this development. However, with increasing reliance comes an increased risk of vulnerabilities in critical infrastructure. Securing essential networks against both physical damage and cyber threats is vital for maintaining societal functions and protecting sensitive data and other supplies.

At the same time, we must not overlook the importance of sustainability in the construction of this infrastructure. It is essential to integrate environmentally friendly practices and materials into the installation process. By balancing security measures with environmental considerations, we can ensure a data infrastructure that not only supports digital development but also contributes to a more sustainable future.



Følsgaard's inspection chambers are available in 3 types, all made from lightweight materials for gentle and easy installation. They are approved for all load zones and can be flexibly constructed as needed. Simultaneously, they offer the option to choose covers that can be locked, contributing to the security of critical infrastructure, which is already a focus area. Delivery can be as a complete and pre-assembled product or as an unassembled flatpack, depending on what makes the most sense for your project.
In short, you can have your inspection chambers exactly as you want them.

Modula - Light, modular basic chamber in black HDPE

The Modula series is our basic inspection chambers that provide a lightweight, structural solution. The Modula system is designed to significantly reduce the costs of chamber installation, as the lightweight sections make the work faster. Due to the design, the individual sections are lightweight, meaning they can be manually lifted and stacked on top of each other to reach the specified height required. Modula also comes with a wide range of accessories and access points to make the chamber exactly as your task requires. Due to the strength of the Modula series, we only recommend the Modula series up to 60 x 60 cm.
Choose Modula if: You need a lightweight, modular chamber with a maximum size of 60 x 60 cm.

Ultima - Ultra-modular, fiberglass-reinforced chamber

The next generation in chambers and access systems for a variety of applications and sectors for assembly and access to underground utility lines. Ultima is a truly modular solution that can be scaled to specifications and requirements with a range of interconnecting components. The fiberglass-reinforced construction gives the Ultima series very high strength, so it can be used in very large sizes without adding cross-bracing. The modular design means that Ultima can be constructed very precisely and for many different purposes. Ultima is compatible with a lot of accessories, duct entries, and covers according to load classification.
Choose Ultima if: You need high strength and modularity in larger wells.

JMF - Made from 90% recycled HDPE

The environmentally conscious solution that retains the strength of the construction but is made from 90% recycled and 100% recyclable materials. The JMF series is available in 3 standard sizes and with the same wide range of accessories, covers, and duct entries as all our other wells.
Choose JMF if: Recyclability is a priority, without compromising strength, and if the 3 standard sizes fit your task.


All our access chambers are constructed from sections 15 cm in height. This provides flexibility in terms of depth and excavation work.


The lid types for our inspection chambers are designed and manufactured from materials that meet specific load requirements, from light pedestrian traffic to driving and heavy traffic, and are available in a wide range of dimensions, depths, security options, and with the option to have a logo on the cover.
We can supply the following types of covers:

Security Covers

Developed for enhanced network security with protection against unauthorized intrusion and vandalism. The system consists of folded steel plates, supported by steel angles attached to the ends of the chamber, and secured using a locking bar and padlock.

The padlock is protected by an additional steel plate. The system has been independently tested to Category C of the Loss Prevention Board Standard 1175 and has withstood sustained attacks using heavy hand tools for a period of over twenty minutes. The system has also been successfully fire tested.

Ready for NIS-2?

The security cover is particularly interesting in connection with the upcoming NIS-2 EU directive, which focuses more on the protection of critical infrastructure. Data and other infrastructure security can be compromised if unauthorized persons force access to the infrastructure in the chambers. Therefore, security covers are extremely relevant right now.


Accessories and Pre-fitting Service

Our chambers are flexible and can be customized in size and for different purposes. The chambers can be delivered as assembled units, complete with the fittings required for installation. For example, this could include fiber cables pulled through fiber conduits. The accessories can also be included and easily mounted during the installation of the chamber, ensuring optimal local positioning.

Chambers deeper than 60 cm will typically require a ladder or steps. Our steps can be bolted directly into the chamber where access is most optimal.

Coil Suspension:
Avoid having cables lying loose and exposed in the chamber. With coil suspension, you can organize the cables perfectly and professionally.


Our bases are extruded from 100% recycled low-density polyethylene and fit most chamber sizes. The base provides a clean, lightweight finish to the bottom of the chamber and prevents vegetation and silt from entering. The base is available with a non-slip finish and drainage holes.

Pipe penetration with foam plug:
Pipes come in many different dimensions. Our pipe penetrations make it easy to introduce pipes into the chamber, regardless of size. The penetrations are easily mounted on-site, but can also be pre-fitted for optimal precision and quick installation. The foam plug in the duct penetrations prevents sand and silt from entering the chamber.

Lightweight and Efficient

At Følsgaard, we understand the importance of flexibility and efficiency in the installation of inspection chambers. That's why our chambers are designed to meet any need in modern infrastructure projects.

Our chambers stand out for their adaptability. Regardless of the project's requirements, we can customize them to fit any conceivable dimensions and load classes. This adaptability ensures that no matter the size or complexity of the challenge, we have the perfect solution for your project.

Another key feature of our chambers is their lightweight, modular design. Made from high quality materials, some recycled, these chambers are incredibly easy to work with. This lightweight nature ensures faster and more efficient installation, reducing time consumption and thus labor costs.

By choosing our chambers, you're investing in a solution that is quick and cost-effective to implement into the utility network, without compromising on quality or durability. We are committed to delivering products that make your work easier, more efficient, and and with regard to resource consumption.

We look forward to working with you to revolutionize the way we think about infrastructure.


Mikkel Steinmetz
Technical Manager


T: +45 4320 8682