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Inductive Sensor, Threaded barrel, M8 x 1, Stainless steel, 1.4427 SO, DC 3-wire, 10…30 VDC, NO contact, PNP output, Cable connection, Cable length 2 m, Factor 1 for all metals, Protection class IP68, Resistant to magnetic fields, Extended temperature range, High switching frequency, Rated switching distance: 4 mm, Non-flush

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Width sensor- MV Millimeter
Height of sensor- MV Millimeter
Length of sensor42 Millimeter
Diameter sensor8 Millimeter
Mechanical mounting condition for sensorNot flat
Switching distance4 Millimeter
Suitable for safety functionsNo
Type of switch functionNormally open contact
Type of switching outputPNP
Type of electric connectionCable
Number of semiconductor outputs with signalling function- MV
Number of contact energized outputs with signalling function- MV
Number of protected semiconductor outputs- MV
Number of protected contact energized outputs- MV
Type of actuationMetallic Target
Type of interface- MV
Type of interface for safety communication- MV
Construction type housingCylinder, screw-thread
Coating housing- MV
Cascadable- MV
Category according to EN 954-1- MV
SIL according to IEC 61508- MV
Performance level acc. to EN ISO 13849-1- MV
Max. output current at protected output- MV milliampere
Supply voltage10, 30 Volt
Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 50HZ- MV Volt
Rated control supply voltage Us at AC 60HZ- MV Volt
Rated control supply voltage Us at DC- MV Volt
Voltage typeDC
Switching frequency2000 Hertz
With monitoring function downstream switching devices- MV
Material housingMetal
Explosion safety category for gas- MV
Explosion safety category for dust- MV
Interference resistance to magnetic fields- MV
Customs tarif #:85365019900
FEATURES:Inductive proximity switch Inductive proximity sensor