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2-port Junction Systems, Y-Splitter with Cable, Female M12 × 1 - 2x Male M8 × 1, Jacket material: PUR, Jacket color: black, Suitable for drag chain use, Resistant to chemicals, UV radiation and oils, Flame-retardant (FT2 in accordance with UL 1581, IEC 60332-2-2), Free from halogen, silicone, PVC and LABS, Particularly resistant to abrasion, RoHS-compliant, Protection class: IP67, Cable length: 1.0/1.0 meter, 4/3-pin

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Type of branch for trunk line- MV
Type of connector for trunk line- MV
Connection type hood version- MV
Connectable conductor cross section fine-strand without cable end sl (hood vers)- MV Square millimeter
Connectable conductor cross section fine-strand with cable end sl. (hood vers.)- MV Square millimeter
Connectable conductor cross section solid-core (hood version)- MV Square millimeter
Connectable conductor cross section stranded (hood version)- MV Square millimeter
Core cross section finished cable0.34 Square millimeter
Cable screw gland for cable outer diameter- MV Millimeter
Length of the preassembled cable1 Meter
Cable length configurable- MV
Number of sensor-/actuator-slots- MV
Number of channels per connector slot- MV
Type of branches for sensor-/actuator cables- MV
Number of poles sensor/actuator slots- MV
Nominal rated voltage48 Volt
Pollution degree3
Operating voltage48, 48 Volt
Max. current carrying capacity per I/O signal- MV Ampere
Max. current carrying capacity per socket- MV Ampere
Max. total current- MV Ampere
Diameter contact female- MV Millimeter
Material contact bodyBrass
Material of contact surfaceGold
Material insulation bodyOther
Thread sleeves sensor/actuator slots- MV
With LED indicationNo
With potential separation- MV
Connection for NPN-sensors- MV
Fix cable version suitable for cable guide chain- MV
Material housing- MV
Colour housing- MV
Operation temperature-50, 80 Degrees celsius
Degree of protection (IP)IP67
Explosion safety category for gas- MV
Explosion safety category for dust- MV
Width- MV Millimeter
Height- MV Millimeter
Length- MV Millimeter
Customs tarif #:85444290900