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RFID Cable Standard Version, Extension Cable, 4‐core, AWG 24/AWG 22, Jacket material: PUR, color: yellow, Halogen- and LABS-free, Shield: Aluminum foil, tinned copper braid, Jacket diameter: 6.4 mm, Suitable for drag chain use, oil-resistant, highly flexible, Cable UL Style 20963, Cable length: 50 m

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Conductor material- MV
Diameter conductor- MV Millimeter
Nominal cross section conductor- MV Square millimeter
AWG-size- MV
Conductor category- MV
Number of cores- MV
Stranding element- MV
Core insulation- MV
Core identificationColour
Screen over stranding elementOther
Screen over strandingOther
Material outer sheathPUR (Polyurethane)
Colour outer sheathYellow
Halogen free (acc. EN 60754-1/2)Yes
Flame retardant- MV
Low smoke (acc. EN 61034-2)- MV
Outer diameter approx.6.4 Millimeter
Permitted cable outer temperature, in movement-25, 90 Degrees celsius
Permitted cable outer temperature, fixed-40, 90 Degrees celsius
Category- MV
NVP value- MV Percentage
Customs tarif #:85444290900