Shallow Water Cable

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Industry-leading optical performance shallow water cable. Stranded loose tube construction. Single / double steel stranded layers according to practical application. Superior mechanical reliability

The HFiberCORE® Customizable Underwater and Submarine Fiber Optic Cable is a state-of-the-art solution designed to meet diverse and specific requirements for data transmission. This cable is highly adaptable, offering a range of customizable options to cater to different environmental conditions and functional needs. Customizable Fiber Count Clients can choose the number of fibers within the cable, allowing for scalability in data capacity. This feature is ideal for varying bandwidth requirements, from basic telecommunications to high-volume data transfer needs of large-scale operations. Various Options of Fiber Types Various fiber type options, including G652D/G657A, Lowloss G652D/G657A, ultra-low-loss G652D/G657A, G655, and G654 fibers, each suitable for different transmission distances. Enhanced Protective Layers Depending on the deployment environment, the protective layers of the cable can be tailored. Options include increased shielding for areas with high underwater traffic or reinforced armor for regions prone to geological activities. Variable Cable Length and Diameter The cable can be manufactured to specific lengths and diameters, accommodating different deployment depths and distances. This customization ensures optimal performance in both shallow waters and deep oceanic trenches. Adaptive Material Composition The cable's construction materials can be selected based on the intended environment, ensuring longevity and durability. Materials resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and marine life interactions are available for challenging underwater conditions. Tailored Buoyancy and Flexibility The cable's buoyancy and flexibility can be adjusted to suit the topography of the seabed and the dynamic conditions of the ocean, enhancing stability and reducing the risk of damage. This Customizable Underwater Fiber Optic Cable is not just a cable for data transmission; it's a tailored solution, engineered to meet specific challenges and requirements of global communication networks, ensuring reliable, high-speed connectivity across the world's oceans.