Folsgaard by IOTBEE

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Customize you device through collecting and storing data from up to 6 different sensors at once. Connect any type of sensor to the IoT-device and start utilizing your data from day one. Simple, easy and safe!

This IoT-device is a plug-and-play solution to your data collection and storing needs. Easy installation saves time and money, and the wireless, autonomous nature of the device makes it flexible and easy to reset, if your setup changes. IIOT is usefull for numerous industries, limited only by imagination. Examples of usage: - Level monitoring (Fluids, waste, fuel etc.) - Condition (Cabinet, filter, etc.) - Battery status (medical equipment) - Humidity (Silos) - Temperature (food production and storage) - Flow (Water filtration) These are just the tip of the vast iceberg of upsides to the simple IIOT sensoring setup.