Compact News Makes IoT Plug and Play

With the launch of a compact IoT device, Hans Følsgaard A/S simplifies deployment and ongoing operation, making IoT solutions relevant for entirely new customer groups.

As a supplier to Danish and international infrastructure, Hans Følsgaard contributes to technological cohesion. The new IoT device, which the company recently launched, is a key product. Today, IoT - Internet of Things - constitutes a finely meshed network of automation solutions used for a wide range of purposes.

IoT consists of decentralized devices that typically collect data through sensors, which is sent via the cloud to a central hub for action, monitoring, data processing, alerts, or other purposes. Sensors can monitor water and production flow, traffic, customer flow, air quality, smart buildings, and cities... There are literally no limits.

The numbers speak for themselves. According to Statista1, the number of connected devices will increase from 15 billion today to 29 billion in 2030. This is due to the clear benefits of automating tasks such as monitoring inaccessible processes. But there have also been obstacles to adoption that the new IoT device can address.


New, simpler approach can boost adaptation

"There have been some hurdles for companies looking to get started with IoT," explains Søren Madsen, Head of Automation at Hans Følsgaard. "It is expensive to have external parties tailor a system, it takes time to adapt standard components, and it can be risky to build from scratch. These are the hurdles we are now clearing."

The new IoT device brings IoT as close to plug and play as possible. It is ready to use, can be scaled as desired, and collects data from, for example, temperature, pressure, and flow sensors. This data is sent via the cloud at intervals as desired on Narrow Band, which is a technology from mobile phones and therefore has the broadest coverage in the market.

"The customer can connect up to six sensors to one device and harvest data to a platform either with us or on their own. It is important to emphasize that all data belongs to the customer, and it is, of course, up to the customer what should happen with the data: Should alarms be sent when threshold values are exceeded, should statistics be collected as documentation, should extra staff be deployed for operation? We will see a multitude of creative automation solutions in the future because IoT is now easier to deploy and operate," asserts Søren Madsen.


Created robust for versatile use over many years

Søren Madsen points to some crucial advantages of a good IoT installation, which the new Følsgaard IoT device helps promote. This is especially true for the specific product features that make the device suitable for many years of service.

For example, it is IP67 certified, allowing it to be installed in 'harsh' environments. In addition, it has a wide range of built-in benefits as standard, further contributing to plug and play deployment: replaceable battery, battery monitoring, transmission via both NB-IoT, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, easy connection of up to six sensors per device, data encryption, the latest chip technology, and hence low power consumption, functional temperature range of 35-75 ºC. Features that make the new device flexible, robust, and cost-effective.


A complete solution ready for commissioning and a smaller footprint.

" The Følsgaard IoT device can also be reconfigured for new tasks, and the battery can be replaced, allowing the device to be reused. The device comes with the latest battery technology, so through dialogue with customers about usage and data transfer, we can achieve minimal power consumption and a long lifespan, so sustainability is also considered,"

" Of course, the device cannot stand alone, and through dialogue with the customer, we can also provide a complete solution where the device is delivered mounted with the type of sensor required for the task. Thus, customers can buy their device under one item number, ready for commissioning, which just needs to be activated by connecting the battery. It doesn't get easier," says Søren Madsen, concluding, "We are now putting all our efforts into reaching new customer groups and sectors that have been waiting for an easier and more economically accessible way to get started with IoT."

For further information on Følsgaard's new IoT device: Contact Søren Madsen, Head of Automation at Hans Følsgaard A/S at or phone +45 87 88 77 06.


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