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Følsgaard is a strong supplier of cables with accessories for tunnels, bridges and roads and we are therefore naturally equipped to help you with your specific needs. We understand the important parameters that apply in the tunnels in particular. Therefore, we can advise you throughout the process.

Our starting point is always a thorough dialogue, where we identify needs and find the products that best meet your challenges and ensure you the most advantageous solution. Whatever the task, we are ready to help and advise, and we can be your total supplier of cables and cable solutions. Our employees are all specialists with many years of experience in the cable world. As your Technical Partner, we are only satisfied when you are.



Følsgaard is the innovative partner in solving special challenges in the transport industry

Shielded, fire-protected and functional cables for all purposes in tunnels. Many requirements are imposed on cables and accessories for tunnels. Competence and experience are required here. Everything we deliver meets current requirements and standards.

Functional cables are ideal for use in critical installations such as power, lighting, emergency lighting, automatic fire alarm systems (ABA), fire-critical elevators, ventilation systems and fire doors.

Cable ladders of all types and classes are also offered for your tunnel projects.

Our cable marking system is the best on the market for industrial and durable marking of cables, wires, hoses and components.

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Steffen Bie Paulsen
Contry Manager


Tlf: +47 3709 0943